Medical Helpline No.: 1800-11-3839

Patient Services

OPD Registration

The front office at the registration shall assist you doing the registration process. They will generate a unique health identification no. (UHID) for the patient & guide the patient about the specialty and the room where patient shall be requiring OPD consultancy Services.

Admission Process:

The front office staff at the reception will assist during the admission process. A consent form new to be signed by the patient. They will generate necessary admission document for further inpatient management. The medical records will be maintained and stored by the hospital for all future reference.

Discharge process:

The nurse will hand over your discharge summary /certificate and belongings. She will also explain the medications you need to continue after your discharge and any other follow-up instructions.

Visiting guidelines for Specialised service area (ICUs , OTs, etc)

All ICUs / OTs areas are restricted areas. Visitors are requested to adhere to protocol as instructed by the hospital accordingly from time to time • To minimise the risk of infection, entry of attendants restricted to the defined prescribed Level. Visitors are requested to wait for their turn to enter these special zones.

Guidelines for Online Appointment:

  • Step 1 : Select City, Location & Specialty then Click on Book Now.
  • Step 2 : Here check Doctor Profile then Click Book Appointment.
  • Step 3 : Click on Available Date then enter Name, IP Number & Mobile No.
  • Step 4 : After that OTP code is generated, 
  • Step 5 : Enter your OTP code for Verification
  • Step 6: Finally Appointment is Booked

Guidelines for Visitors/Attendants:

A- It is expected that visitors will:

  • Not visit if the visitors are sick.
  • Comply with safety and security procedures.
  • Wear and display their visitor identification card at all times while in patient/restricted areas.
  • Leave the hospital during a disaster or fire alarm.
  • Patients are the responsibility of the hospital and will be rescued as per an evacuation plan.
  • Act in a respectful manner.

B- Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  • Unreasonable interference with a patient’s plan of care.
  • Harassment of any kind, including inappropriate telephone calls to a staff member.
  • Use of loud, threatening, abusive or obscene language.
  • Use of physical violence or acting in a threatening manner towards staff.
  • Arriving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damage to hospital property.
  • Theft.
  • Possession of weapons or firearms.
  • Disturbance to other patients.

Other Amenities:

  • Waiting area for attendants.
  • Canteen facility
  • Water and Toilet Facility