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RECTAL CLINIC AYURVEDA Update on : 2018-08-07

Under the umbrella of Special Clinic initiative , Dr. Virinder Khosla started Rectal clinic Ayurveda in Room No. 50 at ESIC Model hospital,Bari Brahmana.Dr Virinder ( S.M.O Ayur.) specializes in Anorectal diseases esp. Hemorrhoids,Anal Fissure and Anal Fistula .The procedure kshar Sutra is very effective in treatment of Anal Fistula and more than 20 surgeries were performed in this hospital and recurrence rate is Nil. This initiative is to ensure hassle free experience for the ESIC Beneficiaries.

  • Corneal transplantation
    Update on : 2015-12-07 Prospective Evaluation of the Clinical Profile, treatment outcomes and the demand for Corneal transplantation in Microbial Ceratitis – A Single Centre , Journal of Vision Sciences
    - Dr. Shashikala.P and Dr. Roopashree Kamishetty
  • Microbiology
    Update on : 2015-12-07 Rudresh SM, Nagarathnamma T. Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Salmonella enterica serovar typhi and Salmonella enterica serovar paratyphi A with special reference to quinolone resistance. Drug Dev Ther 2015;6:70-3.
  • Pulmonary Medicine
    Update on : 2015-12-10 Department of Pulmonary Medicine Intrathoracic Hematoma Secondary to rupture of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm
    A Case Report Published in the ESIC Journal
  • Department of Biochemistry:
    Update on : 2015-12-11 Sickle Cell B Thalassemia Double Heterozygous Siblings And Family Studies-Report.